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About Us

Mr. Poolman has been in business since 1979. Our company has grown tremendously and has become quite popular during this time, and this is because of our basic business model: We provide the highest quality service while maintaining extremely affordable and competitive rates.

Here are some things that set us apart from the rest:

We have dedicated office staff that is able to expedite service calls quickly and efficiently. These employees work full-time managing and scheduling the service and repair technicians. This results in the highest possible efficiency and service.

We have backup technicians. These employees are called "Route Managers" and spend most of their time ensuring complete customer satisfaction. This includes filter cleaning, random quality checks, and new service bids. They coordinate and manage field service quality. However, in the event that a regular technician is ill or otherwise unable to clean your pool, we can send
a Route Manager to your pool. This can usually be done within one
business day.

All of our service technicians are fully trained and licensed. We don't just send our guys out in the field untested. Our technicians are put through a rigorous training regimen which includes cleaning techniques and pool chemistry. They are fully ready to care for your pool when they arrive.

We have 2 full-time dedicated repair technicians who will get your pool up & running in the unfortunate event that there are any problems. Since these technicians repair pools full-time, they are able to diagnose pool problems quickly and effectively. If you have a problem with your pool or pool equipment, chances are the repair techs have seen it at least 100 times before!

We are fully equipped to meet your pool & spa needs!

Mr. Poolman offers both residential and commercial pool service. Pricing varies based on size and service frequency. Call now for your free estimate!

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